Some Great Quotes on Cooperativism

хоршоололизм …


“Is there, then, an alternative to capitalism? … yes there is an alternative: co-operativism.”

Rob Harrison

“Since capitalism’s start, worker co-ops have haunted it as its own built-in opposite, bearing hopes for a non-capitalist future.”

Betsy Bowman & Bob Stone

“Cooperatives are a reminder … that it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility.”

Ban Ki-Moon

“We need a brand of socialism that brings trade unions and worker co-operatives to the forefront of decision making and governance. Instead of centralisation and bureaucracy, we need power (and funds) being given to local democratic bodies. Similar to the system in Switzerland, Britain needs to become more accustomed to the ideas of technocracy and direct democracy; real power in the hands of ordinary citizens.”

James Gibson

“Cooperativization shifts the basic priority of society’s productive infrastructure from profits to needs. Making profits is a quantitative and infinite goal, meeting needs a…

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